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I am 30 years old, and bisexual. Go back I walked in, he was so surprised to see me in girls clothes, he pulled me down on his lap, and again kissed my lips tenderly, moved his hands on my thighs and back, as I was stared to feel his cock getting hard under me, I felt his body getting warmer and warmer, he then moved me from his lap asked me to lay down on the coach, I did with pleasure, he laid over me but this time he move the towel, and I saw his cute cock hanging there, he was on top of me kissing me on my lips and neck, with his tongue in my mouth he moved over me slowly and moved his both hands on my thighs up to my ass cheeks, I was then moaning with pleasure, I felt his cock rubbing mine, He then opened the dress I was wearing and pulled up the bra, started to suck on my nipples they were erected and hot, I was moaning and saying words, yh,mmmm, I love that, mmmm, as he continued.

Hentai: [Tumblr] askinboxtan (NSFWee)

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